“Thank you again for all that you have done for me. How much I appreciate my pain free moments and increased range of motion along with the ability to get stronger and to enjoy every day life! I’m a completely different person.”

“The next day I feel like a million bucks. Nothing is as good as being in the water.”

“I can’t tell you have grateful I am to have this experience. It’s rocked my world.”

“I no longer feel like a person who’s been abused.”

“Nothing else relieves my pain the way this does. This is the high point of my week.”

“My body feels solid, clear and peaceful. I can move fluidly and without pain.”

“The white knots of pain are now smooth, pink and comfortable.”

“Excellent teamwork. Thank you.” JH, MD

“Harriette has helped me greatly. She has taught me lots about relaxing and not being so hard on myself. I have also received lots of movement with my arms, above my head! I’m so thankful for your help.”

“The PT is benefiting all parts of my body from Head to Toe! For 55 years I’ve cut my husband’s hair, sometimes it seemed like “thru blood, sweat & tears” with the various injuries. But, NOW, for the first time since I fractured my humerus … I can use my left arm  without extreme pain and support. Even the shoulder pain across my spine lower back of my head has subsided. Since first grade, polio waited to take its greatest toll in the so called Golden Years, I have high hopes of getting my life back so I can be independent again. Thank you for making life worth living.”

Held in the arms of Compassion
I’m moved effortless through the warm water.
Inwardly I rest on the breath and silently watch as
Watsu, like a loving mother,
dissolves out anxiety, conditioned belief and pain
as easily as so much sugar swirled in water.

The intent to heal and the wisdom to listen
come together synergistically
in a warm water dance
breaking up a lifetime of pain, dissolving it away.

The Belief that a child of God needs to live in this world
with pain and anxiety is heinous to Watsu.
Like a loving Mother with a double-edged sword,
She has cut through the ties that have bound me,
She has held me close, caressing my cheek
And She has pushed me out dispassionately like a wave
to expand.

We stare at the ceiling
then at the walls.
What was that?
Don’t know.
Feels primal.
Cool! Pain’s gone.

When I was ready to heal
Watsu was waiting.
I wasn’t disappointed.

The flow of life flows through me
Like the waves of the deep blue sea
I now can perceive who I am
And express the real me
Life flows up and down
Around and around
To the left then to the right
Back into Gods Living Light
I am one with All, yet a single drop
In the water of life
Soaring high only to fall into the
Arms of Spirit’s call
Here is now
And I must go
Into myself and know
Who I am once more
A child of God
Dancing on the light
Of stars in the night