Physical Therapy

Warm water has unique advantages. It calms the nervous system, decreases pain, decompresses the spine and other joints, provides support and safety, and frees the body enabling movement that is difficult or impossible on land.

Aquatic Physical Therapy includes therapeutic exercise, mobility training and instruction on managing chronic or degenerative conditions, depending on the needs of the individual. Benefits include decreased pain, improvement in strength, flexibility, posture, balance, coordination, and cardiovascular health.

Physical therapists prescribe exercise that meets the specific needs of each individual, determined by an initial assessment, review of the medical record and the goals of each client. Aquatic physical therapists are specially trained to use the aquatic environment to its greatest advantage.  Conditions that are treated include orthopedic, neurological, acute and chronic pain.

Referrals are welcome but not required.  Coordination with other health care providers ensures continuity of care.

Massage Therapy/Aquatic Bodywork

Watsu® and Aquatic Integration involve being floated, massaged and gently stretched in warm water. There is an experience of safety, deep relaxation and well being. The body is freed from stiffness and the pain cycle is interrupted.  You can read more about Watsu and watch videos on this website.